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Imaging services are the core of our business, and WCC has extensive experience in most imaging modalities. With a staff of more than 25 full-time practicing, subspecialty-trained radiologists through our parent company and an additional 80 through our strategic relationship with MGH, we can provide the expertise and the throughput requirements for any size trial.

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Advanced Understanding of Imaging Science and Regulatory Requirements for Imaging

With a cutting-edge focus on 3D imaging and the aim to improve reader precision in recognizing signs of efficacy as early as possible, WCC is developing software and image reading paradigms to further hone its scientific approach to imaging and deliver best-in-class radiology reviews to sponsors.

Regulatory requirements for how imaging studies should be conducted are promulgated by the Division of Medical Imaging Products (DMIP). WCC has a long history of representing sponsors in meetings with the DMIP and has recently written two review article covering the new FDA guidelines on use of imaging.

Bicr_fda_weighs_in More-than-just-imaging
BICR: The FDA Weighs In Draft Guidance Standard for Clinical Trial Imaging Endpoints

Focus on 3D Imaging

With unparalleled radiology excellence and a strong emphasis on imaging study quantification, WCC works consistently to develop and improve imaging analysis solutions to increase the precision and accuracy of imaging interpretation. Our Associate Director of Quantification and 3D Imaging, Dr. Xiaozhou Ma, brings advanced expertise in the quantification of clinical imaging studies and 3D image analysis to the trial management team. Our utilization of 3D modalities is a critical part of our drive to refine the science of imaging. With an increased focus on 3D analysis for early-stage oncology and CNS studies in particular, WCC is providing sponsors with critical imaging data with improved precision for a variety of therapeutic indications.